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Study of John Dewey

Prof. Li has edited Selected Works of John Dewey: Psychology and Education (2017). His work Rediscovering John Dewey: How His Psychology Transforms Our Education was published by Palgrave Macmillan (2020). He has also given many talks and presentations on John Dewey. Below are some of his other papers and PPTs on the subject.


JD 01-001

John Dewey’s Notion of Human Nature

Decorative Shape

JD 01-003

The Educational Thought of John Dewey and The G.T. Vision


JD 01-005

Dewey’s Metaphysics in Development: An Outline

Scissor and Sellotape

JD 01-007

John Dewey’s Metaphysics and Notion of Experience (1905 – 1916)


JD 01-009

John Dewey’s Pragmatism and Theory of Knowledge

Heart Shape

JD 01-011

Challenging John Dewey


JD 01-013

Experience and Nature: Further Readings


JD 01-002

John Dewey’s Notion of Human Nature: A Lecture


JD 01-004

Going Beyond Dewey’s Pedagogic Creed


JD 01-006

Dewey’s Liberal Naturalism


JD 01-008

Chronology of Dewey’s Metaphysics


JD 01-010

John Dewey’s The Influence of Darwin on Philosophy (1909)

Work Desk

JD 01-012

John Dewey’s Experience and Nature Background, Summary and Commentary

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