Prof. Li made videos to offer encouragement and support to his colleagues, fellow students and parents.

V01 - Cheers, Graduates

This video is made for G 12 graduates of G.T. College in 2021. As they face uncertainty and anxiety in the new era, Prof. Li offers encouragement and direction: to live, to enjoy and to contribute.

V02 - Welcome, Teachers

As teachers got back to work amid the gloomy pandance in August 2021, Prof. Li welcomed them and pointed to the silver lining.

V03 - Immigration and Studying Abroad (港人移民潮與海外升學)

Starting 2020, many Hong Kong citizens are leaving the territory because of political turmoil and uncertainty. In an open forum on migration and students studying abroad, Prof. Li gave a historical review on the subject.

V04 - Sino-American Conflict


The two world superpowers, China and USA are taking a full competition posture. This video made in August 2020 reviewed the issue in a global perspective.

V05 - Little Ant Theatre