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Prof. Rex Li

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Professor Rex Li is a psychologist and a prominent educator of the gifted in Hong Kong. He is the founder of the Gifted Education Council and GT College, Hong Kong.

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Rediscovering John Dewey (2020)

“Rex Li’s highly readable text rediscovers Dewey for the modern reader. By chronologically rediscovering the development of Dewey’s psychology, Li provides a refreshing look at Dewey’s educational ideas that opens new transformative possibilities.”
--- Jim Garrison, Professor, Virginia Institute of Technology, USA

“Rex Li’s monograph is true to Dewey’s Darwinian premises, treating the contributions of Dewey in psychology and then in education in terms of their growth, evolution, hybridity, and consummation.
---Roger T. Ames, Humanities Chair Professor, Peking University, China

“Rex Li’s book offers exciting and inspiring opportunities to rethink the connections between Dewey’s educational philosophy, his psychology and selected parts of his biography. This original work is both challenging for experts and instructive for newcomers.”
--- Stefan Neubert, Professor, University of Cologne, Germany

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Prof. Li has given talks to G.T. College students, teachers and parents. It appears in G.T. Lecture Series for public viewing and education. While G.T. College owns the copyright, the views expressed are those of the speakers.

Kindly acknowledge G.T. Lecture Series when quoting from or referring to us. For more information, email enquiries to G.T. College –



Prof. Li writes blogs once every two weeks. It is his personal commentary on social issues and public concern.

Professor Rex Li

Address:  10, Ling Kwong Street, Tiu Keng Leng, Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong


Tel: (852) 2535-6867


Fax: (852) 2623-6550





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